Hi – I am going to use this as the place where I let you know about what I try to keep in my pantry so there is always an easy way out when no food shopping has been done, OR, when you are at the supermarket and you just want to grab a piece of meat or fish and worry about what to do with it when you get home!

Click on the Pantry button to the right of my blog to view ever-growing list

4 responses to “Pantry

  1. Hey Tess, had fun slogging through your blog. Very impressive, keep up the great work (blogging, I know you don’t need encourgement to cook!) love, B
    PS – Are Chocolate Hot-o-Pots in your/my future? 😉

  2. Chocolate is always in my/your future my dear – love tess x

  3. Thanks Tess! This will be fun, to keep up with your cooking efforts and try them out myself! Keep it coming!

  4. I Iove food, too!

    Much love fron your Cortonese neighbor,


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