Blood Type “A” Food List

There are three questions you should know the answers to when eating for your Blood Type;

1 – What foods are off-limits or “Not Beneficial” to me? (generally food you cannot digest efficiently)

2 – What foods are great or “Beneficial” to me? (These foods are like medicine to your body and very easily metabolized)

3 – What foods are okay or “Neutral” to me? (These foods do not harm your system. They act as fuel rather than medicine. This list is really important as it gives you more variety and also you can make dishes that will suit other blood types as well as your own)

Print this list and keep one in your bag and one in your car. It will save you a lot of time looking stuff up when food shopping!


Blood Type A Food List


2 responses to “Blood Type “A” Food List

  1. printed and in my bag…tx

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