“Blood type A” Diet Experiment.

Soba Noodles (buckwheat noodles)

This is going to be a tough transition, but, I am going to give a type of vegetarianism a try. And, not just a plain old eat-vegetables-and- grains type of vegetarian, but something more specific; a Blood Type A diet.

Since my days as a single woman are long gone, and I am saddled with a husband and 2 children (who I would die for, by the way – not kidding at all!) I settled into cooking food that tried to please everybody. The funny thing is (and I mean in the peculiar sense), being individuals, we crave, and need, different things. The night that my son raves about something I cook, is also the night that my daughter just picks at her food.

I thought it was pickinness at first, but then I began to see that they both truly were repelled and drawn to very different tastes. I now think our reaction to food is instinctual. I know that if you introduce a broad spectrum of foods to children at a young age they will be more prone to eating many more things. That is exactly what I did with my kids, and while it is certainly true (just look at the blog), each of my children salivate over completely different things.

I can never please all of the people all of the time so I am forever compromising, cooking to satisfy everyone’s whims. That is, except my own.

I must confess, I have suffered because of this. While I love meat in general, I also tend to want to sit down to a bowl of miso, bobbing with tofu, or to eat a row of beautifully packed sardines right out of the can, with nothing but a fork and a little strong mustard. If I had no one else to consider, my diet would include some meat, but I would mostly be a vegetarian.

I decided to go with my gut (literally!) and follow a specific diet. There is a theory out there that our blood type puts us all in a certain food category, based on our ancestral diets. Since the “type A” diet seemed appealing to me ( I am type A) I made up my mind to try it for the rest of the year.

The reason I am reluctant is  because I am going to try to make this meal in addition to the evening dinner I make for the rest of the family, AND, I have to give up a few things that I absolutely love, namely; all meat, most crustaceans, certain fish, tomatoes, all kinds of cabbage, vinegar-based foods like mustard and hot sauce, not to mention all dairy products!

It is harsh, and it will be a challenge, but I want to see how it makes me feel. The easy part will be that it is just for me, and I don’t have to convince anyone else of the benefits. The hard bit will be coming up with interesting dishes and being organized enough to make two dinners each night.

I am not on any diet to lose weight (to confess, I am on the light side), but a diet to feel better, and to encourage longevity. I am going to follow the diet for my blood type and see what happens. I like the guidelines, as it just specifys foods I should avoid, along with the foods that are best for me.

This can be a boring or interesting project, and I choose the latter.   So, starting from October 2011 (sometime), I will be posting some “blood type A” dinners made in the Crappy Kitchen.  Aren’t you lucky!

Also, I am doing this as a lay-person. I will try to follow the guidelines, and if I give in to a yearning to add something that is tabu (I’m only human) I will point it out. But, if you are a Type A who feels yucky after eating certain foods, or, maybe want to lose weight and get on a better path, I figure if you try some of my recipes, you will do OK.

The great bit of news about this life style change of mine is that two things I absolutely love are touted as being beneficial for my blood type: Red wine and Coffee – Yeah!

16 responses to ““Blood type A” Diet Experiment.

  1. Hi Tess,
    I too am blood type A, so if you can come up with some tasty and easy meals, put them on your blog. What about breakfast and lunch though?? I get hungry then too… I know nothing about this type of diet only what you’ve blogged, so don’t make any assumptions!
    June x

  2. You should really look into it. Search How to eat right for your Blood Type and find out more. I can also put a list of foods together and put it on the blog. As for the other meals, I have had sardines on sprouted wheat toast for lunch and loved it, and the dinners can also work as lunch. For breakfast; grapefruit, coffee, sprouted wheat bread, peanut butter, natural jams, buckwheat pancakes……lots of possibilities. You have to commit and I really think it will change your life. Tess x

  3. i did my blood test today, and i’m the same as you and june. looking forward to your recipes!

  4. this diet is very effective my mom says you should try mimi

  5. I’m very excited that I stumbled across your blog! I am Blood Type A, and my husband is Blood Type O. Makes for some interesting meals to say the least. I’m starting to do some experimenting with recipes as well. I’ve never cooked with tofu before, but I plan to start doing so since it is so beneficial for type A’s.

    • Yes, this is an interesting diet plan! i am trying to be good, and as you can see from my blog, i love all sorts of food. Tofu is a fantastic ingredient. If you press the water out of it (i show you how to do this in my blog), you can substitute it for just about anything. If you know what you are allowed I have plenty of recipes that you can modify. Good luck and thanks for your comment! Tess

  6. Hi! I’ve also tried The Blood Type Diet and I am also an A, while my husband is a B, so I can understand the struggle to find common ground in the beginning, but it gets easier with practice…eat well! 🙂

  7. I’ve been eating for my blood type (B) since Sept. 2011 and have never felt better! All of my fatigue, headaches, allergies – diminished to rare flare ups. Hope this has been working as beautifully for you as well! Good luck 🙂

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  10. yeah it’s really wonderful post but i have some doubts my blood group also A , i have 1 year back 95 kgs and now reduce 20 kgs and now weight is 75. can give you diet tips.
    when i searching this information i got one site that also good information.

  11. Katherine Adams

    I like your real attitude. I am also Type A and always looking for good and easy recipes. I didn’t realize I good have grapefruit? Good deal…Making Chicken Chili tonight, and the recipe calls for sesame seed and sesame oil…hmmmm….no cool for Type A?

  12. These guys from Italy make Videorecipes according to the blood type diet. Their recipes are really good if you wanna check it out:


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