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Roasted Vegetables 101 – Learn how to do this right every time!!!

I made this big sheet pan of roasted vegetables the other night simply because I had not enough of any one thing to make a complete side dish. However, when I threw everything into one big bowl and tossed with some olive oil, salt and pepper it transformed into a robust feast for a crowd!

A visually

A visually mouth-watering dish! (roasted red potatoes, crimini mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots)

I am posted this to demonstrate what you can do withΒ  odds and ends and how you can feed a crowd without too much effort. Roasting vegetables bring out their sweetness and imparts great depth of flavor. You can roast most any vegetable.

roast cherry tomatoes (and hot peppers if you choose to use them)

roasted cherry tomatoes and hot peppers

All of these accompaniments can be used in a myriad of different ways. Sometimes (like the other night in the top photograph) I simply serve alongside the protein (which can be anything: chops, chicken or fish!) or I add it to pasta which makes a lightning fast dinner.


Green beans are fabulous when roasted!

Β The only thing you have to be careful about is to select vegetables that have roughly the same cooking times. In other words: don’t roast zucchini with potatoes or you will end up with zucchini mush! AND size matters: always cut your vegetables approximately the same size or some will cook faster than others!

As are asparagus!

As are asparagus!

Now that we are hurdling towards colder weather, my oven will be busy roasting up all sorts of vegetables to bolster the flavor of our evening meals, not to mention keeping my kitchen toasty warm!


You will need:

choose up to three or four of the list below:

2 to 3 tbs olive oil to coat (use more oil for porous veggies such as mushrooms and less for roots veggies)

Salt and pepper for seasoning (start with a teaspoon or more of salt and several grinds of pepper – this bit is very personal so if you like more seasoning add according to your tasteΒ  – or less for that matter)

4 medium potatoes – large dice (no need to peel – just washed and dried)

1 large sweet potato or yam – peeled and large dice

1 lb baby carrots

12 oz to 1 lb cherry tomatoes (any color!)

1/2 lb (more if you like) mushrooms – quartered (any kind you like or have on hand)

3 parsnips – sliced into 1 inch pieces and quartered (or halved depending on the size)

1/2 lb green beans – left whole

Below are other veggies with different cooking time instructions!


Preheat oven to 450*

1 – While oven is preheating, prepare all of your selected veggies and place in a very large bowl or container. Add the oil and mix it through the vegetables until everything is coated. Add your seasonings and mix it in.

Roast Veggies

Roast Veggies

Β 2 – Place vegetables on large baking sheet in an even single layer without “crowding the pan! Place in the oven. Cook for about 18 minutes before removing. Wait for about 30 seconds before turning (waiting gives the vegetables time to release a little moisture and thereby makes them easy to toss). Return to oven for 12 minutes and then check for doneness by tasting. Remove if ready or return for another few minutes checking often.

I served in a large warmed bowl

I served in a large warmed bowl

Β A nice (and easy) way to serve these is in a large warm serving bowl with a big spoon, or of course you can serve onto the plates right from the sheet pan (or toss straight into the dish you are making).

prep asparagus

Asparagus roasting time: about 25 minutes, turning after 15 or so minutes.

roast  set aside

Β I roast cherry tomatoes very often on their own. I use them on grilled sandwiches (cold or hot), omelets and toss them into pasta dishes. They roast quickly on their own – about 10 – 12 minutes total, turning halfway through the cooking time.

sweet potatoes done

sweet potatoes fries are delicious – recipe HERE

French Fries..

Simply the best French Fries. Hand cut, toss in olive oil, season with salt and pepper (definitely salt, and maybe pepper) and cook for 18 minutes, turn and cook for another 12 before checking for doneness.

saute onions

Pearl onions are great roasted – especially alongside root veggies such as potatoes, carrots and parsnips – they cook in the same time frame as root vegetables.

add spices, then cauliflower

Cauliflower is also fantastic when roasted – will post my favorite roasted cauliflower recipe soon!

Fry Zucchini & squash

Zucchini & squash are best roasted in halves

roast eggplant

Eggplant can be roasted in rounds or cubes (recipe for cubes HERE)

Delicious roasted vegetables..

Delicious roasted vegetables..