When I think about my sister June’s Dog Suki, I think of her like this; happily, but stubbornly sitting in the car waiting for a “spin”

Suki passed away peacefully early Friday morning, August 8th, and this post is for her.

Suki making a final plea to come along (if only we had a bigger car!)

Suki making a final plea to come along (and June gave in most of the time)

This big Rottweiler, with the fierce reputation, was June’s most faithful and most loyal companion. I know this word is used for dogs very specifically and it is truly the best word to describe what a dog seems to embody for its human counterpart. Suki, June’s companion, was her travelling partner and the perfect complement to her self. Each needed the other on a daily basis to feel normal. It wasn’t really anything they thought about; it was just love, plain and simple. And we forget that love is work, and can be hard sometimes because the reward is far too terrific to even contemplate giving it up.

A brisk walk after eating is always nice

Suki loves walking by the Barrow River (Calder, Suki, Ide and June)

When I first met Suki she gave me a big snarl, (which frightened the life out of me!), but instead of June consoling me, she told me to be more sensitive when I approached her dog. I did learn how to behave around her but we joked that no matter what the circumstance, it would never be Suki’s fault. June was Suki’s champion at every turn, and she knew it.

Suki and Ide

Suki and Ide. Ide LOVED walking beside Suki. It made her feel safe and powerful all at the same time.

One of Suki’s favorite things to do was to go for a drive.  She could sit in the backside of a car and happily be driven around all day and all night. If June made the mistake of leaving her back door open while say, taking in groceries, it was guaranteed that Suki would quickly install herself, and there was no budging her until she was taken for a spin. June spent countless hours placating her dog on the back roads around our house, and I know that today it is nothing she regrets.

Mother and pup playing

Suki and Ketut

It is generally understood that we are going to outlive our pets and that we are the ones who will be left to grieve. And, when that day comes, the pain is heartbreaking. But when I think that Suki got to live with such a wonderful person like June I know that all I can feel is happiness for that lucky dog. Suki would most certainly have been someone’s dog, but I am so glad that she got to be June’s companion. June was her companion for life and she never had to live without her. I don’t know how Suki would have fared without June.

Suki enjoying the lovely day

Suki enjoying the lovely day

 So, just thinking about Suki’s life, there is no doubt in my mind that she had a most wonderful one, filled with; walks by the river, endless spins in the car, countless head rubs and cuddles, lazy naps in the sun and all kinds of forbidden dog treats. And all of this with the comfort of knowing that June was always right there. There is comfort in that.

We love you June.

2 responses to “THIS IS FOR SUKI

  1. Thank you Tess.

  2. Tess, you are making me cry! So sorry about the dog, she looked beautiful. It was very nice seeing you and your family at Shawn’s. The kids are all grown up. How did that happen? Love,

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