My Concorde Bottle Opener (And I’m Talking From Air France!)

Have you ever taken a bar of soap from a hotel or a teaspoon or fork from your favorite restaurant? I know this is a hard question, but I’m only asking because there seems to be another part to the  commandment “thou shalt not steal” and that is: “thou shalt not steal, unless of course it is a souvenir”and then it seems to be a socially acceptable crime.

My bottle opener from an Air France Concord plane!

My bottle opener from an Air France Concorde plane!

I want to say that we all have done it  but that’s mostly because it makes me feel better about certain liberties I have taken. I will admit to having a glass or two in my kitchen which “remind” me of certain bars I loved, and if you find yourself in need of shampoo there are probably a few little bottles in my cabinet to choose from (not to mention a mini sewing kit and shower caps!)


The nose is great for juice cans…

Yes, stealing is stealing, but in my defense I have never taken a bathrobe or actual crockery, or this killer bottle opener for that matter! In fact, the things that I have acquired that are more substantial thefts were picked up at flea markets and thrift stores by my ever-scouring husband. These things were taken by more serious souvenir shoppers.


…while the tail expertly opens bottles!

This is my favorite thing to open a cold beer with: a stainless steel bottle opener shaped like the Concorde from Air France. This was most certainly used on this now retired plane and was just too good a memento to be left on board. Besides, anyone who paid that much for an airline ticket should be given one as a gift (at least that is how the person who lifted this probably justified slipping it into his pocket or bag before exiting!)

No matter what the story of how it got from the Concorde to my kitchen I must say when I use it to open a beer, it always makes me smile.

4 responses to “My Concorde Bottle Opener (And I’m Talking From Air France!)

  1. I ask that question in interviews as an ice breaker .

    One guy told me that his Aunt regularly took curtains from hotel rooms.

  2. the concord bottle opener was a giveaway to business associates to promote the concord. I have one given to my boss by an air france executive when I worked for an airline, and my boss didn’t want it so gave it to me.

    • how cool Gail – although I really like the idea of these execs pilfering the openers much better!! tess 🙂

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