Creamy Roasted Poblano – Great Garnish to Add Cooling Heat and Zing To Your Food

A poblano is a wonderful pepper from Mexico. It has a smoky heat that ranges from mild to bordering on quite hot, and they are particularly versatile when charred.

They are usually green, although they do ripen to red on the vine. Bear in mind the red version is hotter. I always want to char them before adding them to recipes and they can be added to almost anything you like; soups, stews, fajita, frittata and on and on…

Creamy Roasted Poblano peppers

I cooked some of these lovely peppers the other day to mix with rice, but when I tasted one after they had been roasted and chopped, I found they were on the hot side. Seeing as I had to serve rice to all sorts of finicky palates I decided to add sour cream to it and let people use it if they wanted to add a little heat to their rice, fish or meat. Sour cream has the magical effect of cooling down spicy foods and so it was an easy but handy fix.

Two peppers make quite a bit, so we used it up over the next several days in sandwiches, tortilla wraps and as a topping for omelets.

Roast a couple and see for yourself!


You will need:

2 large poblano peppers, washed and dried

1/4 to 1/3 cup sour cream or plain yogurt


1 – Turn oven grill to high and place oven rack on second to top rung. Place peppers on baking sheet and place on rack. Turn peppers when they blacken until all sides have been charred. You will need to check and turn every few minutes (so no leaving the kitchen !)

grill poblano

Grill poblano peppers

2 – Remove charred peppers to a brown paper bag or plastic bag and seal or turn down as the case may be. Place on a plate (the bag might seep a little as the peppers cool) and allow to cool.

seed, de-vein adn dice

Seed, de-vein and dice

3 – When they are cool enough to handle, place on a chopping board and remove the outer skin with your hands. Then remove the seeds and thick inside ribs. Do not rinse as you go or you will wash away flavorful oils. Lay flat on the board and dice. Place in a bowl and mix in the sour cream or yogurt. Start with 1/4 cup but add more if you want a lighter and creamier consistency.

great on rice

Great on rice, fish, meat, in sandwiches, omelets, roasted vegetables, and anything else that needs a little creamy heat.

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