Sumptuous Saturday Night Sausage Sandwiches (serves 4, or as many as you like)

Sometimes there is nothing better than a lazy Saturday night, when you invite absolutely no one to your house and you hole-up with your family for the evening.

Sumptuous Sausage Sandwiches

Sumptuous Sausage Sandwiches

I had spent my saturday doing mundane stuff liking cleaning the house, helping with homework and then had to go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is a thing I either love or dread. This particular day, I was in dread-mode. I had let my pantry dwindle down to crumbs and needed just about everything. This meant having to jostle with every other person in the supermarket in the same predicament.

juicy Italian sausages

juicy Italian sausages

I made it out alive and when I got home and everything was safety stored away I plunked down in the kitchen and wondering about DINNER! I poured a hefty glass of wine and opened the fridge door to survey what I could put together without too much trouble. Right there was a pile of Italian sausages and the clear plastic bin on the bottom shelf was packed full with all kinds of wonderful greens.

fresh tarragon

fresh tarragon

I pulled out the sausages, spinach and tarragon. Tarragon is my favorite herb of the month. It tastes of winter with it liquorice-y and mildly peppery flavor and I use it at every opportunity. All I could think of was frying the sausages and from there was stuck? Then I spotted the lovely fresh, practically still warm, loves of bread and I decided on sandwiches, piled high with fresh everything!

yummy sandwich

yummy sandwich

They were amazing, fun to make and took any pressure of cooking dinner off of my tired shoulders. I love Sandwich Night!


You will need:

Olive oil

unsalted butter

8 slices of wonderfully fresh bread

4 big mild or spicy Italian sausages

Thin slices of good cheddar cheese (enough for 4 sandwiches)

fresh spinach leaves (enough for 4 sandwiches)

bunch of tarragon leaves (about 24 or so leaves)

slices of tomato (enough for 4 sandwiches)

Strong mustard (Grey Poupon or Coleman’s Mustard)

1 – Put some oil (about 2 tbs) in skillet/frying pan and fry the sausages on medium heat, turning to brown on all sides.

Fry sausages

Fry sausages

2 – Slice sausages in half (vertically) and fry with the cut-side down for a few minutes to brown. Remove to a plate and set aside.

3 – While sausages are frying, gather the rest of the ingredients and prep: slice cheese, wash and dry spinach leaves, slice tomatoes, wash tarragon and pull leaves from stem, butter bread on one side.

add cheese, sausage, tarragon

add cheese, sausage, tarragon

4 – Make sandwich: Place pan on medium heat (or a little higher) and place one slice of bread in pan, buttered side down. Immediately add a few slices of cheese, 2 sausages halves, greens, tomato, and lastly another layer of cheese.

end with a layer of cheese

end with a layer of cheese

5 – Add some freshly ground pepper and a little sea-salt. slather the mustard on the other side of the second piece of bread (a little tricky as it is buttered on the other side!) and place it, mustard-side down on top of the cheese layer.

turn sandwich and brown all over

turn sandwich and brown all over

6 – Check to see if the underside is browned by lifting a little of the sandwich with a spatula and turn gently when ready. Press the whole sandwich down with a flat spatula to get everything inside to meld together and become a nice solid unit.

7 – Fry until browned on the other side, then remove to a plate. Continue like this until all sandwiches are done.

Slice in half diagonally and serve with extra greens, or simply alone

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  1. Supper sandwiches, wow !

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