Grazie Danielle!

It is only the second day of the year and I already have something to be grateful for. The other day I got a package from my friend Danielle. I met her in Italy in January last year (can’t believe I am talking about last year already!) and we have become good friends since.

Coffee from Italy

Coffee from Italy

I’m afraid I have begun to doubt that “new friends” are a possibility. It is so much work to meet new people, and even more exhausting to think about having to get to know someone to the extent that you start to care about them, but this happened to me a lot last year. Danielle teaches Art History in Cortona on the program where Dave taught for a semester, and so she not only taught me about Caravaggio and Bernini (not to mention Borromini!), but I also found out that she loves really dumb jokes (of which I know many) and enjoys the finer things in life, like having a glass of wine and the importance of shopping therapy!

Creamy hazelnut chocolate

Creamy hazelnut chocolate

She gave me the perfect gift this Christmas: Coffee and chocolate from Italy. She knew that the coffee would transport me to a place I love, and she loves chocolate so much herself, it was her way of giving me a piece of something that she probably can’t live without.

I have been drinking the coffee the past few mornings and with each reverent sip I think about my friend and feel happy that we made the effort to get to know one another. As for the chocolate, it is being eaten in secret, when my children are in bed, because sharing, is simply not an option.

Thnaks danielle adn see you soon!

Thank you so much Danielle and see you soon!

2 responses to “Grazie Danielle!

  1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the goodies! I knew you, a true connoisseur of good food (and good life!) would understand. Here’s to new friends!!!

  2. Ha! x

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