My Sant’ Eustachio Coffee Pot Has Finally Arrived!

 Three tightly packed boxes arrived from Italy via Georgia yesterday and in one of them was a coffee pot I have been dreaming about  since April. I bought it in Rome while on a once in a lifetime 3 month stint in Tuscany this past Spring. (If you want to read some of my “Italian” stories, just click on the word “Italy” in the Themes section in the side bar of my blog)

From the Sant’ Eustachio Cafe in Rome

Anyway, while my time in Italy was full to the very brim with every imaginable experience, this particular day in Rome is high on my list of the best days ever.  Why? A few reasons really: I was in Rome, the most intoxicating city in the world, I was with 2 new friends, Mario and Danielle,  who were in grave danger of never being able to get rid of me, (Never give up on a good thing!), and besides seeing some hard-sought Caravaggio’s, I was also promised the best cup of coffee in the world – which turned out to be true by the way!

The busy Barista at Sant’Eustachio, Rome

It turns out that the “best cup of coffee in the world” could be had at a cafe established in 1938 between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, Caffe Sant’Eustachio. Saying the name alone was cause enough for reverie as far as I was concerned.

My Sant’Eustachio Coffee Pot

We were on a tight schedule but Mario and Danielle understood the need for a good cup of coffee and a detour to this caffe was a must. I was so taken with the place I wrote an entire blog about our visit, (click here to read my entry), as well as an interesting blog about my day in Rome in general.

Mario’s, and my coffee in Rome (yes, if he was not a Doctor of the Classics he would have been a Hand model)

After my infamous cup of espresso I could not resist purchasing a canary yellow and silver coffee pot with the Sant’ Eustachio name emblazoned on it. I knew it was touristy and tacky, but I also knew that when it was sitting in my kitchen in rural Pennsylvania and I was dying of cultural boredom, packing it with Illy coffee and setting it on my gas burner would dispel any thoughts I may have of driving pins into my eyes.

This morning’s coffee

When it arrived yesterday, I immediately wanted to rush off to bed so I could get up and make coffee in it for the very first time. It was certainly not Rome, and my coffee making skills are nothing close to Barista-like, but, when the scent of warming coffee grounds began to fill the air, I was full sure Mario and Danielle would come waltzing in my back door for a cup of coffee and plans for our next Roman Holiday.

Mario’s spot

One response to “My Sant’ Eustachio Coffee Pot Has Finally Arrived!

  1. Buongiorno!

    Im kind of obessed with Sant’Eustachio and last time in Rome I bought a piece of coffee-heaven with me back home. But my question is, the yellow espressocups and the coffee pot – did you get them in Rome or did you order online?

    I would be so greatful if you could email me back about this. I must have those things and would probably go back to Rome, just for that 😊😂

    Best regards,
    Josephine in Sweden

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