My 500th Post (and what that means to me)

What does it mean to be writing my 500th blog? In the first place I would not know it was a milestone number only WordPress (my host) keeps me updated on all sorts of statistics that I probably should pay more attention to. The thing that popped into my head was a massive jumble of photographic images of the parts of my life that I have shared with anyone who happened upon my site. 

A lot of time has been spent making food, taking photographs, documenting recipes and writing general commentary on what I have observed in my life over the past 500 entries. Because I made it a goal to only write about events in a positive way, it has helped me see the good in the smallest things. I am glad for that, and will continue to see every day as a full-fledged opportunity to work hard on simply being happy. And yes, I am very aware at how corny that sounds, and that how some days are truly much harder than others, but there is always something to take comfort in if we would only take the time to look.

 If I am forced to choose just one photograph from the thousands I have taken since January 3rd 2011 that epitomizes in some way what this blog means to me, it is the image below. It is my daughter being whooshed very expertly into the air by Tyler at Blair Vineyards, Pennsylvania, when a group of friends and strangers got together one Sunday for wine and lovely conversation (which prompted me to invite everyone to our house afterwards for dinner!). It was just an ordinary day, but when I saw Ide sailing into the air, it took my breath away, and I will never forget how she seemed to float for a few precious seconds. All I want is more of that.

Ide & Tyler

I have no plans to stop cooking, or writing about food and my various outings. Why give up on a good thing!

14 responses to “My 500th Post (and what that means to me)

  1. Congratulations and thank you for all the great blogging and good food, even though we haven’t tried all of your fantastic recipes.

  2. i remember that picture well.

  3. Congratulations. I believe it is a very serious accomplishment.

    This is what reading your blog has done for me. I have become totally addicted to Coleman’s mustard. I have contemplated, but have not actually acted on the idea of cooked lettuce. I understand more than ever that bacon or sausage improves any recipe. I have purchased a bottle of Mirin. I have eaten the steamed buns at Momofuku.

    Most important, I have thought of you and your family with love on a regular basis.

    Hope all is well,


  4. Congratulations, Tess. One of the many things on your plus side is discipline. I won’t bother to list the others. I do however look forward to the tastes and smells that are a bit lacking these days. Great Work! (really)

  5. Tyler just arrived from Hawaii as Bridget got off the plane Fromm China, they will meet up tomorrow! Congrats on 500
    Chef Panza

  6. Tess, thank you for this blog, I save every recipe and because of your words (and pictures!) I’ve begun to distinguish my own food likes and tastes more clearly. Here’s an Aperol spritz toast and congratulations to you and the family. Cin-cin!

  7. Céline Trudel

    Definitely great discipline but most of all amazing sensibility to capture the moment with all his beauty. I am a fan and fallow closely your journey; thanks for sharing my dear friend !
    Miss you !!

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