Wilting In Italy? Two Cooling Suggestions!

The adjectives used in the emails from my friends describing the heat waving over Italy at the moment have made me tingle from miles away, words like: “exhausting heat”, “wilting weather”, “HOT” and “insufferable”  Poor them!

While my daughter and I were out walking this morning we starting talking  about what we would do if we were still there (we had a three-month stint there this year. Read previous posts to catch up!), and all we could think of was two things: Gelato, and Icy Aperol or Campari Spritz! Jumping in the Trevi fountain was another fun idea, but we thought if we were arresting, we would end up in a hot jail with no possibility of ice cream for her or alcohol per mi!

If you can think of anything else, send a good quality picture with a caption and I will post it!


A very small section of the gelato slurped, and drinks consumed, while in Italy this Spring

Stay Cool Italy!

One response to “Wilting In Italy? Two Cooling Suggestions!

  1. Hey, indeed my first purchase here in the States once I returned from Cortona was a bottle of Aperol! It’s time for a second botle, in fact. Hi to the kids! Fred

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