Coffee Pots and Remembering Tom In Italy

What is the difference between these two identical coffee pots? (I know, identical and difference= oxymoron)

My new coffee pot

When Dave dug this out from his hoard of flea market finds when we got back from Italy (where my love for coffee became intense and more discerning) it looked so familiar to me. He said it was from the 1950’s or ’60’s, made in Italy and is probably not being made anymore; La “Signora” caffettiera.

My friend Tom’s coffee pot in Italy

Then I remembered where I had seen this pot before; at my new-found friend Tom’s house and Agriturismo Colle Puccioli situated in the idyllic Tuscan countryside outside of Siena, Italy. We had been invited to stay the night in March and it was a glorious night and day (clink on link above to read my epic 3 part story!).

Colle Puccioli back courtyard leading to the kitchen door.

When I awoke that morning at his house, and quietly entered the kitchen, my friend John, who made the trip with us, was already sitting at the kitchen table reading. Of course he hadn’t made any coffee so I began to rummage through Tom’s crazy kitchen for coffee and a coffee pot.

A view of Tom’s wild and beautiful kitchen

I found a very used and sturdy-looking pot and made myself and John a nice strong brew. As I was rinsing it out and carefully pouring the grounds into the little perforated container  I began to think about how this pot had seen many mornings in this kitchen. All of the hands on it’s black plastic handle doling out coffee in all kinds of situations; happy, sad and every emotion in-between.

The instructions for the pot were still tucked inside the pot when Dave bought it.

So the difference between these two identical pots is not so much that Tom’s pot is worn and has a permanent coffee patina baked into it’s aluminum body , and mine is shiny and in top-notch condition; I like to think that my pot has a lot to learn if it wants to exude the character and style of its counterpart sitting amid the myriad of treasures in Tom’s kitchen in lovely Tuscany.

Another lovely view of Tom’s kitchen

One response to “Coffee Pots and Remembering Tom In Italy

  1. I’ve had one of these for many years (found in an antique store for $10) and just now found out the name (after doing a Google Image search) … I’m having trouble replacing the gasket, the exact size seems hard to come by in the US, so I may have to find and inner diameter that fits and then trim the outer … Still, it’s my favorite espresso maker, the design is great!

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