Piazza del Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy – Food Heaven!

The other day I went out to get myself a morning coffee, and ended up walking to the Central Market, or the Piazza del Mercato Centrale, as it is known.

Cured meat with strange pig display made of hay (I always find it a little creepy when pigs tout how great they taste!)

I immediately embarrassed my kids when I pulled out my camera and started snapping photos of everything in sight! It was impossible not to. I am a woman who loves food, and I had just stepped into gastronomy heaven!

Vegetable Stall

I was so lucky my apartment was not around the corner, or I would have bought something delectable at every stall. The place is full from top to bottom with vendors selling fresh fish, cheeses, pasta, meat, cured meats, mushrooms (by the bushel!), chocolates, wine, vegetables, sandwiches, and coffee.

I took this picture for my friend Eileen, who makes a mean limoncello herself!

I must admit to feeling a little like one of those trigger-happy tourists who walk around with a big camera dangling from their neck, ready for a photo opportunity at every turn.

Beef smothered in red and green peppercorns, and fresh rosemary.

Here I was, doing exactly that, but it was the only way to be able to write about my experience. There is nothing like a picture, when words just aren’t enough!

Mushroom city!

It reminded me a little of the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, lots of loud talk, with some vendors busy butchering meat, while others skillfully displayed pasta into giant pyramids.

Tuscan salami

I began to envy everyone who lived in the vicinity of this bustling piazza, and feel sorry that my local market sucked in comparison; strong words, but true.

Sicilian sun-dried tomatoes

If you ever make it to Florence, you need to visit this place, and make sure to stop for a frothy cappuccino before you leave.

5 responses to “Piazza del Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy – Food Heaven!

  1. I love markets in Italy! Did you buy anything? I always end up buying too much…

  2. I need some of those tomatoes right now, for a Tomatoe Pie 3 ways!
    Chef Panza

  3. grammy Jones is enjoyind reading all this

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