Finally Great Pizza!

I finally know what it is to eat truly great pizza. The best pizza I have ever eaten was for lunch yesterday in Florence, in a hole in the wall pizza joint just off the Mercato Centrale.

My little jug of wine (Rosso della Casa)

It was freezing cold, so myself and my kids quickly choose a place for lunch right at noon. It was empty, and, I’m beginning to discover that Italians stroll in for lunch typically between 1pm and 2pm and are in no hurry to leave. 

Every trattoria makes an effort to present a nice inviting table setting.

I am discovering very quickly that we treat lunch too much like “lunch!” Here in Italy, food is a time to kick back and take a total break from whatever else might be happening in their lives. I am trying very hard to begin to do the same.

Pizza Margherita

We ordered two of our all-time favorite pizzas, and waited excitedly to if they would be as spectacular as we had dreamed. It may sound like silly foolishness waxing on about how I love everything from the art to the coffee since I arrived in Italy 7 days ago, but so far, it is all true! And, the pizza was no different.

Pizza Frutti di Mare

It was wood-fired, with a thin crust, but still had a marvellous airy edge, (which was great for sopping up remnants of tomato sauce).

The pizza Margherita had the perfect balance of sauce to fresh mozzarella, while the seafood pizza tasted delicately of the sea.

It was hard to resist stopping here!

I feel spoiled in every possible way, and don’t know how I will ever be able to leave this place.

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