Let’s Talk About Coffee!

This has to be mentioned! I have heard for years if you want a truly excellent cup of coffee, you have to go to Italy.

A cappuccino from the Mercato Centrale (central market) in florence

Usually hype like this never really lives up to expectations. However, this is definitely the exception to the rule. I have been in Italy for 6 days now, and I have yet to have a bad cup of coffee.

This coffee costs 1 euro; a very cheap thrill

From the truck stop on the way to Florence from Rome, to the corner cafes in the hippest parts of town, the coffee is consistently delicious. People drink espresso and cappuccino like emergency shots of adrenaline; fast and efficiently.

The coffee is never served like it is in other parts of the world, that is, searingly hot. It is served at a temperature that encourages you to take big mouthfuls, which is a completely different coffee-drinking experience. You can really taste the flavors, and enjoy a slurp of foamy milk without burning your tongue!

One of the many things to look forward to everyday.

This will be the first post of many about coffee. I haven’t begun to scratch the surface of this thriving coffee culture .

I just needed to say what has been said before; Viva Caffe Italiano!

2 responses to “Let’s Talk About Coffee!

  1. Sounds great, make sure to take note of the particularly good cups and do not leave there without getting the name and details of the brand!

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