Rome, Snow, Food

Yesterday was a day to remember. We woke up to about 4 more inches of snow. How could this be? We were in Rome with a day of sightseeing ahead of us, and we were not equipped with any kind of decent footwear. Should we abandon the plan and hole up in the hotel; hell no!

Snow capped palm tree

Out we paraded with plastic bags ingeniously inserted between our socks and shoes. I can safely say that almost no one has experienced Rome under a generous blanket of snow, and it was a sight I will never forget.

Orange Tree

Being in Rome with a whole bunch of people who are historical scholars, as well as knowing all the best places to eat is a complete gift. All I have to do is listen and learn. 

Our walk to the Metro

It was quite the challenge walking around a city that was ill-prepared for dealing with such crazy amounts of snow. Nothing was ploughed, side walks and pathways were risky prospects, and the local city dwellers were the height of entertainment as they navigated the streets with very stylish, but impractical shoes!.

A very naughty Italian snowman!

They were making snowmen on every corner, and snowball fights were ongoing. This was a dream, and these Romanites (can you say that?) will be telling their grandchildren about their snowy escapades in years to come!

A set of scary stairs on our way to the famous Trevi Fountain

The thing that kept me going was knowing that my reward for sloshing through this mushy snow was having lunch in some great little restaurant.

Common sight at a very basic Roman veggie stall

I was not disappointed. We stuck with a couple of people who knew the town well, and were rewarded for our cleverness with another amazing lunch.

How hot olive oil can transform an artichoke into a crispy edible delight

I wanted to try everything on the menu. All of it was food I knew so well, but had not actually experienced at the source.

Passing these gorgeous mushrooms in Rome made me long for my kitchen awaiting me in Cortona

My son has been trying the calamari everywhere we have stopped, and yesterday was no different. He was rewarded with his best dish to date. I was so jealous. I got to try a miniscule morsel, and wanted to gobble up the whole plate!

Fried Calamari and lightly battered and fried eggplant and red peppers

My man Dave has been trying the Carbonara just about everyday also, and I think this one went to the number one spot after the first bite.

spaghetti alla Carbonara

Before we left on this mammoth adventure, a friend warned me that I was going to get “fat” and, I think he may have been right. I wish I could say I cared…


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  1. Nothing much to comment besides… Wow!

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