I Am In Italy!

It is Day 3 in Italy, and it is only today that I have some internet access. It is time to begin a completely different Crappy Kitchen experience.

I can't wait to shop for fresh produce!

My man Dave landed a job teaching the Metals part of an Art Program in Cortona, Tuscany until May (I will assist with classes upon request!), and this week, and a little of next, we are all (“we” meaning 28 students, plus faculty) making our way to the school via Rome and Florence.

The colors of Rome (even under the haze of rain it is beautiful)

This of course means visiting the most famous sites in the modern world. The past 3 days in Rome, we have visited the Forum, The Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican Museum, and The Borghese Museum, to name but a few.

a glimpse at modern, and old Italy living comfortably together

The things that have made the biggest impression on me are; the colors, the breathtaking enormity of the historical buildings and sites, the vastness of the collections of arts and antiquities, modern life commingling comfortably with the past, and the best cappuccinos and lattes known to man!

This beautiful mosaic tile scene of a truffle pig with his spoils in the Museum of Animals in the Vatican Museum, reminded me of the possibility to forage for mushrooms in the woods around Cortona...

I am of course looking forward to kiting out my kitchen in Cortona, and making meals to talk about. However, there is no possible way I can keep quiet about all of the other things I will be exposed to, so, get ready to see all sorts of other things that interest me along the way.

how could I deprive you of this inside view of the most impressive arena in the world; The Colosseum.

So, we are both in for a treat over the next few months, and hopefully through my personal observations and experiences you might have something fun to read everyday.

Leaving St Peter's Basilica today, and heading out into Rome's biggest snowstorm in 20 years!

It is all so exciting, and way more beautiful than I thought possible. I am in a heavenly place and feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Stay tuned!

4 responses to “I Am In Italy!

  1. I’m so excited for you and the family. I look forward to seeing how crappy your kitchen is there in your remote location!

  2. Teresa Teresa…… I love ya…….x

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