Bridget’s Birthday Dinner Party

So my friends Tom’s daughter is home for Christmas (his whole family actually!), and that was all the excuse needed for a party! The great thing is that we didn’t need one; it was Bridget’s birthday this past Sunday!

When we called to ask if my kids could make her cake, we found out that Tom had already planned to make something. However Bridget piped in, "why can't I have two cakes!"

Yes, I know, there is nothing too pretty about the above cake. The icing is sloppily applied, the top-half slightly sliding away from the bottom-half, and let’s not even mention the writing (hey, I have an unsteady hand!). However, there is no mistaking the love that went into every detail, and don’t be fooled by the unprofessional appearance; it tasted spectacular!

Blair Vineyards in the cold & stark Wintry light

We began this little get-together in the late afternoon with a jaunt up to Blair Vineyards for some holiday cookies and wine, while also picking up a supply for the upcoming holidays. It was cold and gray, but we all settled into the warm friendly atmosphere of Richard Blair’s gem of a winery.

cured Italian meat with blue cheese

Then it was on to Tom’s house where we started off with some Brie & Pears (which my daughter scarfed), cold chicken with apples, and the above dish of Italian cured meat (forget which one!), and to-die-for blue cheese. At Tom and Tina’s place, there is always a banquet of food laid out as if they are expecting grander company than ours!

We sampled some of the wine Blair vineyards had to offer (as well a syrah that will not be making an appearance until February – sssshhhh).

Tom was busy in the kitchen making a dinner he should have started hours before. He had hung out at the vineyard way past prep time, while the chicken and filet mignon languished in the car. He was now intent on his tasks, but not regretting his decision to have fun.

Catherine (one of his other lovely daughters) was in charge of Christmas music, and we went from festive hymns to Charlie Brown’s Christmas renditions.

We were treated to a veritable feast, as Tom paraded out with dish after dish; filet mignon with a gorgonzola cream sauce…

the steak

richly creamed and mashed potatoes, laced with garlic…

the potatoes

asparagus in a simple olive oil dressing…

the asparagus

chicken barbecued with salsa in foil (one of my favorites)…

the chicken

sautĂ©ed spinach…

the spinach

sumptuously grilled whole onions…

the onions

then, there was chocolate cake…

the cake

and red velvet cake…

the other cake

for the birthday girl.

the girl

It is very hard (for me) to communicate what a good day this was; not just for me, but for everyone present. It was a long celebration, that started around 4pm and ended close to midnight. The drive home was filled with accounts of our favorite parts of the day, and how we really wished we could have camped out for the night.

Yes, I say corny things every now and then, and I stand by my corny-ness. It was awesome.

vintage christmas postcard (Tom found at a flea market this weekend)

Did I mention that the evening ended with a bonfire of what was supposed to be a towering inferno, but fizzled, after several brave attempts (blamed on the wet wood!). I’m sort of glad, as the evening would have been very hard to top. Now I have something to look forward to.

One response to “Bridget’s Birthday Dinner Party

  1. Food and celebration! There’s nothing better! I felt as if I were there! Chicken and salsa wrapped in foil will be on my Christmas list!


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