Refreshing Lemon Pesto on Olive Oil Toast (serves 6 as appetizer)

This was the biggest treat ever! We were going out to dinner with a friend but we were all starving an hour before our reservation; what to do??

The tidbit that saved us

If I go to a restaurant out of my mind with hunger, I am grumpy, and anything that delays my food coming to the table in a timely fashion, sends me over the edge. This is no fun.

To avoid any of us feeling like this, I decided to rummage around in the fridge to see if I could come up with a snack to satisfy everybody, while not going to too much trouble. Something in the freezer fit the bill perfectly; frozen cubes of lemon basil pesto!

In the height of the growing season this year, my garden was overrun with basil plants, and, the only way to tame the profusion was to continually make pesto and freeze it in ice-cube trays before eventually flipping the frozen squares into zip top bags.

Fry bread in extra-virgin olive oil

I grabbed a bag, snagged about 4 or 5 cubes of pesto, warmed them up to a dreamy sludge, which I then lavishly spread on bread I fried in extra-virgin olive oil.

It fulfilled the job of satiate-ing our palates, until we were served our food an hour later.

The frozen reminder of a heady summer being warmed up

It was a taste of summer on a cold, and rainy winter evening. I loved the reminder of warmer days, and pungent basil.

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