What Will I Remember About The Thanksgiving Holiday?

Yes, yesterday was Thanksgiving, and we did celebrate with an enormous American-style feast…like,

the string of fresh cranberries lining the center of the table made by my nieces Olivia & Elise...

the completely corny goblet set for dinner...

the impressive bread rolls by my mother-in-law...

the Cranberry & Ginger relish by my sister-in-law Beth...

the wildly strange but unbelievably delicious meat dressing by mother-in-law, handed down to her from her now 99-year-old mother.....

the side dish of acorn squash, carrots, and parsnips braised glazed with soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, by me...

the big plate of "Monster Cookies" by my mother-in-law Diane...

the over-the-top- desserts of Key Lime Pie flown in from Florida by my friend Ellen, and my man Dave's Paradise Pumpkin Pie...

the way the light hit my friend bird's dinner in the late afternoon.

That was indeed all lovely. But, the thing I will remember forever is the big pile of Autumn leaves being raked into a giant pile, and my kids and their cousins diving in and amongst them!

Unforgettable Day.

7 responses to “What Will I Remember About The Thanksgiving Holiday?

  1. great looking family fun and food!!!! ron

  2. Thank you Ron! Tess x

  3. Yes…. food looks scrumptious and the kids look like they’re having fun in the watery winter light.

  4. yes, the light was watery. Tess X

  5. What an all-American experience! Love the rolls as sculpture!

  6. Oh how I wish you were just upstairs again.
    Fun times! Fun food!
    Lisa mac x

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