The 99% Meal (The Occupy Wall St. Monday Dish) serves almost everybody

Occupy Wall St

Have you been wondering what kind of food the demonstrators are eating during Occupy Wall Street? – Me too!  I know that talking about food instead of commenting on the actual intentions of the group may seem trite, but this is a food blog, and I am going to write about food. If you happen to get a glimpse into something more than that, then I am happy my pictures served me well!

Liberty Plaza

So, last Monday, while in New York City, the whole clan took a trip down to Liberty Plaza to get a feel for what was going on. I had never actually walked through a demonstration before, and doing this with my kids was definitely something I will remember.

Demonstrators and Observers

What is Occupy Wall Street?

 According to their pamphlet (which we were given upon entering the space), this group of “concerned citizens” gathered in a plaza in the heart of the financial district in lower Manhattan, wish to “not remain passive as formerly democratic institutions become the means of enforcing the will of only 1-2% of the population who control the magnitude of American wealth”

Food being prepped

As we walked through the piles of people camped out, literally going through the motions of daily life, I found myself wondering about the dumbest things, like; where do they go to the bathroom, are they warm at night, where do they eat, what do they eat?

making giant sandwiches

Almost at that instant, I stumbled upon the feeding station. It was amazing. For all intents and purposes it looked like a restaurant prep kitchen, with pseudo chefs, sousChefs, dishwashers and servers, rounded out with a well-stocked pantry.

The Occupy Wall Street pantry

Two women were busy making sandwiches and using a method I had never seen before. A whole round peasant loaf was cut in half crossways, and promptly slathered with mounds of guacamole, followed by pepper jack cheese, and topped with a generous heaping of hummus; very healthy indeed.

Apples for anyone who needed a snack

The remaining half of the loaf was slapped on top, then thickly sliced, and hey presto, you had a sandwich that looked like a biscotti.

a lovely sandwich of Peasant bread, guacamole, pepperjack cheese, and hummus.

The sandwiches were piled on a tray and placed on a table full of other goodies, such as, fresh fruit, slices of delicious pound cake of all varieties, chips, dip, and drinks like water and juice.

Time to Eat!

They were being doled out constantly left and right to anyone with an outstretched hand. I would have grabbed one, only I had just eaten lunch.

As far as I remember these ladies were singing a Beatles song.

There was even a library of books.

We wound our way through the crowds before eventually hopping back on the subway, glad to have made the trip.

a lot of people in one place, but it didn't feel stifling in any way

2 responses to “The 99% Meal (The Occupy Wall St. Monday Dish) serves almost everybody

  1. they should all go home!!! the food must be coming from the 1%..what a joke!! ron asselin

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