Silverware Drainer – What a Work Horse!!

I just had to sing the praises of one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in my kitchen; my trusty Silverware (Utensil ) Drainer.  Actually, it is so darn wonderful that I had to get a second one!

Trusty Silverware Drainers by Potter Shawn Ireland

Picture your drain board beside the sink after dinner piled with freshly washed  pots and pan. Where are the knives, forks, serving spoons, spatulas, ladles, chopsticks, and whatever else you might have used? In my life before my Silverware Drainer, they were all a tangled mess amid dishes, pot and pans. The draining-boards that are sold with utensil drainers attached are never sufficient for the job.

My first one!

My good friend Shawn happens to be a potter who loves to cook and is also quite the housekeeper! I’m sure these pots sprung from a need to solve a problem he was also having with tangled utensils.

My second one!

These beautiful wood-fired silverware drainers are heavy-duty containers, which have legs and drain holes in the bottom.

Bottom of pot showing drain holes and feet

It is very simple; you wash a spoon or knife and you plop it into the container, the water drains, which in turn dries said spoon or knife, and, everything is neatly contained by the sink.

Upside-down view

Now that I have talked about how functional these pots are, I also have to mention how completely stylish they are too. Just look at them! My kitchen is most definitely crappy, but it is filled with cool things like my Silverware Drainer, which in turn distracts your eye from the crappiness of the fake brick wall, ugly cupboards, peeling countertop and falling down ceiling!

Looking in view

It is not an exaggeration to say that my “kitchen” life would be a living hell without them (well, maybe not quite that bad, but you get the picture!).

Form & Function

Of course I know that you may be able to find an inferior similar pot at a run-of-the-mill shop, but I believe that surrounding myself with things like this simple handmade, well-designed and beautiful pot improves my quality of life.

Pots by Shawn Ireland, Penland, North Carolina, USA

It is very simple really; they make me happy!

One response to “Silverware Drainer – What a Work Horse!!

  1. Hi Tess, Great article on silver ware drainers. Now I know another gift I could get from the Potter for Xmas. if only I had an in.
    Love, Sharon

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