Curried Chicken Tortillini Soup with Hot Peppers (serves 6)

Last night’s dinner was all about FAST! I was very tired and not really up for spending much time in the Crappy Kitchen. This is what I came up with, and it was splendid!

Curried Chicken Tortillini soup with Hot Peppers

All I can say is, if you keep a well-stocked pantry you do not have to do what my man suggested and order Take-Out. I decided I could have something ready in the time it took to make the phone call,  wait for food, unpack it from all those wasteful containers, and eat.

I had a 1 lb package of 6-cheese tortillini and I was set. I scrounged up some peppers from the garden and decided to test out my cayenne peppers. Yep, they were hot, but, I have to say, the chewy tortillini balanced the heat out quite a bit.

This was oh so comforting and filling. We loved every bite!


You will need: 3 tbs extra-virgin olive oil, 1 heaped tbs all-purpose flour, 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, thinly sliced, 1 large sweet onion, diced, 1 orange peppers, thinly sliced, 1 green pepper, thinly sliced, 2 cups white mushrooms (6 0z approx.), sliced, 2 cayenne peppers, thinly sliced, 1 tbs mild curry powder (I used Madras), 6 cup chicken broth, 2 cups water OR 1 large veggie or chicken bouillon cube & 8 cups water, salt and pepper to taste, 1 lb cheese tortillini (I used the fresh packaged kind from the Fresh Food section of my supermarket)

1 – Put big soup pot on medium heat and add the oil. When it has warmed, add the onions and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the peppers and onions and continue to cook for another 10 minutes until the peppers soften. Add the curry powder and flour and continue to cook and stir for another minute.

Saute veggies

2 – Add the liquid and chicken, and bring to a simmer. Cover pot and simmer gently for 10 minutes.

add liquid & chicken

3 – Add tortillini, and when liquid comes back to a simmer, cook for a further 3 minutes. Taste a tortillini and if it is soft but still has a “bite”, it is cooked. Add the cayenne peppers and let soup sit for 5 minutes before serving.

add hot cayenne peppers

Serve soup in warmed bowls.

Eat the whole cayenne pepper at your own risk!

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