My Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Container

My countertop is filled with the stuff I need to have at arm’s length at all times, such as olive oil, different kinds of salt, black peppercorn grinder (with peppercorns in it!) and a bottle of wine (in the evening time at any rate). There is no sense in putting things away that I use 20 times a day, not that I would have a convenient place to store them?

Sam Taylor is a potter working in Westhampton, Massachusetts, USA and he makes really cool Oil Bottles (as he calls them). They are wood fired, salt glazed, wheel thrown and faceted. I made a trade with him at a show several years ago (he needed jewelry for his wife and, I needed pottery because I am covetous of beautiful things) and it has been sitting in a safe place in the pantry ever since. The spout is delicate and not being the most graceful of humans I could just see me breaking it instantly. I don’t usually mind breaking things. I use hand-made pottery everyday and that automatically sets me up for all sorts of chips, cracks and downright smashing of stoneware on occasion!

I get to use this lovely piece of pottery everyday from now until I break it!

I have a great container for my olive oil, but each time I need extra-virgin oil I have to dig it out and pour it from the big tin it comes in. Why was I not using my perfectly good, delicately spouted Oil Bottle?? The other day I made a decision, blew the dust off of it and filled it to the brim! I figured since I would probably never, or rarely wash it, the chances of me breaking it were minimized. It is so lovely to pour from. The oil comes out in a steady, thin trickle; perfect for drizzling over anything. My kitchen is fairly crappy, but it is filled with beautiful things.

One response to “My Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Container

  1. FYI, I have a beautiful olive oil bottle made by another great potter.
    Love, Sharon

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