Lightening Shrimp Appetizer (serves 6)

Are you always ready to serve dinner when you invite people over? – I am never ready! I think appetizers were invented to take the pressure off the cook rather than to satisfy the guests. Who really needs to eat before you actually sit down for a big meal?

The other thing is that I never plan on making an appetizer? When people arrive, I fully intend to have dinner on the table in a reasonable amount of time, but, I get distracted chatting and making cocktails (also drinking cocktails). Before I know it, tummies are rumbling and I need to think fast. This is the fastest and tastiest thing I have come up with when I have to cook an appetizer on the fly. Packed with flavor and a total crowd pleaser.

All you will need is: 1 1/2 lbs shrimp, shell on, (31-40 count per pound), Cajun or creole seasoning (or Old Bay Seasoning in a pinch), canola oil for frying.

1 – Rinse and pat shrimp dry. Put shrimp in a bowl and douce with lots of seasoning (until everything looks well-covered).

Pan of shrimp for ravenous diners!

2 – Put pan on high heat. When hot, add oil. Let the oil get hot and toss in shrimp in one even layer (will probably need to do in two batches). Cook for about 1 1/2 minutes. Turn each shrimp quickly and cook for another 1 1/2 or so minutes. Turn onto a platter and get out of the way (people tend to get aggressive when they see this big plate of crispy fried morsels!). No need to peel off shell, it cooks into a lovely crispy crust!

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