Cocktails before Dinner

We had friends over for dinner tonight and it was very fun – company great, food great! (will post recipe tomorrow). I was in sort of a bad mood all day – no reason, so I just blamed it on my body and the moon?  It is funny that when you feel like that things actually do go wrong. Little things like spilling cat litter all over the floor and then opening a cupboard door and a bottle of honey falling out, plummeting straight into a bowl of cat food, breaking the bowl and spraying cat food into the air like fireworks in reverse – quite spectacular really! When my friend Lisa arrived I announced my bad mood and she told me she was in a crank also – what to do? I know alcohol doesn’t, and, shouldn’t solve problems like this – but I gave it a go. I had bought a big pink grapefruit earlier in the day and thought that a nice tall glass filled with ice, with a measure of chilled vodka, topped up with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a lime wedge might do the trick. What can I say – it certainly felt medicinal….

Prescription for Cranky Ladies..

2 responses to “Cocktails before Dinner

  1. As beneficiary of the event…I say f*ing great recipe for pasta primavera…look forward to the post. It seems to be about the veggie/pasta ratio!

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