cupcakes to die for..

I have mentioned that as payment (more like a reward!) for looking after the cutest dog in the world each Monday our friend Lori brings back fabulous treats from New York City. This weeks treat certainly merits a few words of praise. Even if these little cakes tasted horrible (and I can vouch most definitely that is untrue), their sheer beauty alone would make you break down and buy one. The perfectly piped frosting and placement of a sugary flower or dash of sprinkles could only be executed with the apparent causal ease of a professional! What started as a local little corner bakery in Greenwich Village in New york City is now one of six strong – apparently cupcakes are popular in NYC? After eating one of these for breakfast (why not) I can see why. The cake was light and not sweet tasting and the frosting melted in your mouth with a lovely texture of powdered sugar wrapped in a heavenly creamy-ness.

If ever you get to NYC buy a cupcake from here!

One response to “Cupcakes

  1. Yup…I second the Magnolia’s yummy-ness. Cupcake shops are really cropping up all over the place in San Francisco and NYC. Chocolate cake/buttercream icing is my favorite!

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