Ah… porridge –  no food could sent me hurdling back to the past as quickly as this one! It reminds me of two things:

Flahavan's Porridge

Home – well, the packaging hasn’t change very much since I was a child. I am partial to the one I grew up with of course because it has that comforting feeling that comes with the familiar. There was an advertisement on the television many years ago of kids getting ready for school. It looked like a frosty morning but in the background was the mother stirring a big steaming pot of porridge and all became well and good with the world (if only porridge could really do that!) Although I do agree that it does make you feel like that is true while you are eating it. You cook the porridge oats (it is also called oatmeal) in a mixture of water and milk on low heat on the stove-top for about 5 minutes. It has the knack of making you feel like your stomach has been fortified with goodness that will sustain you for the whole day long. I made it religiously for myself and my two younger sisters each school morning before we set off on our 4 mile bike-ride to school. Which brings me to my second memory of porridge:

bowl of steaming porridge

My sister Miriam: she will kill me for this but porridge conjures up an image of her sitting at the table with her head down, hair hiding her face and not speaking a word to anyone (and no one daring to utter a word to her). What can I say; not a morning person! She hated that I made her eat this “gruel” each morning. It might have been because she got up late, sat in a coma for a while at the table, and, by the time she put a spoonful in her mouth it was cold and congealed?

My son likes it with cinnamon, honey and a drop of milk..

Today I make it for my son and husband who love it (not every morning though). Same delicious brand from E. Flahavan & Sons in county Wexford.

8 responses to “Porridge

  1. Ha… that’s funny…. Miriam and her morning scob!!!!
    And just like the porridge…
    Miriam hasn’t changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aren’t families great!!

  3. The photo of this porridge makes me want a bowl right this minute. To me this is comfort food at its best. Do you order it from Ireland or can you buy it here? Is it like our oatmeal? Somehow, this looks better than the “old fashioned” oatmeal that I make. Is it? Maybe it’s what you have in the bowl along with it that makes the difference. Hmmm.

    • I’m a tad bias, but I think it is better? It is made from Irish oats so, like the flour in Ireland has it’s own flavor, I’m sure there is a difference.
      You can get it at Wegmans.

  4. Tess, I bought the Flahavan’s oatmeal and made it for breakfast today. It WAS better than my good old fashioned Quaker Oats. The oat flakes are smaller and more delicate and cook up so creamy. So easy, fast and delicious. This will now be our go-to oatmeal. I made it with half milk and half water and it was still totally creamy. Jim loved it as much as I did. Real comfort food.

  5. Have been reading a book about fermentation ( beer, vinegar, kombucha…) The author recommends letting your oats ferment for 24 hours prior to cooking! Havent tried it yet, becuase it is 100 degrees in Atlanta, but if winter ever comes, I am going to have fermented porridge for breakfast. Full report to follow.

    • Sounds interesting. I’m sure the author is talking about steel-cut oats, not the instant kind? We used to soak our long cooked oats overnight and cook it in the morning. When the more instant kind came along, we switched to the kind I wrote about in my porridge post. tess x

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