Sweet Onion Burgers on the Grill (serves 6)

our first grilled burger of the year!

Yesterday in the late afternoon the weather turned sunny and balmy. The kids were outside and I had the urge to be outside too. The last couple of weeks I have noticed birds chirping and it has me salivating for Spring! I donned my top-boots and took a stroll around the backyard – which didn’t take long because it is puny and looks a little like my kitchen – crappy! I am in the process of changing that and this week I plan to add a little gardening section to my blog. I am no gardener but I’m going to give it a try. Last year my brother-in-law gave us his modest little Weber Grill as he treated himself to a fancy gas grill! I took it as an incentive to get the yard together. Perhaps if I made it feel more like a kitchen I would be spurred on? More about that in my gardening rant……. Anyway, while cleaning up the winter debris I started thinking about dinner. It was so nice out I didn’t want to go inside which lead me to the grilling for dinner plan. Off I went to the shop for charcoal and minced beef and we all hung outside until the burgers were done. It was really fun. There is nothing better than being outside and playing with fire! I am looking forward to becoming better at the whole grilling thing – Roll on Spring!

You will need: 2 lbs minced beef (or combo of beef and lamb?), 2 medium sweet onions, 2 eggs, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper, 2 tsp mild curry powder, 2 tbs olive oil. For Garnishes I had: strong cheddar, sliced Haas avocado, red-leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes or 2 medium tomatoes, strong mustard (I used Coleman’s) 6 burger buns or white crusty bread.

Fire up the grill! I have a very simple hand-me-down Weber grill with a handy fire starter bucket.

Crappy - but effective!

I’m going to presume that anyone of you who has a grill knows how to use it?  If it is like mine and needs time to light and then time to get hot, do that first. If it is gas then make sure it is hot after you have all your prep done and formed the burgers. Dice onions and cook over low heat (lid on) with oil until very sweet and soft – about 20 to 25 minutes (you can do this ahead and store in the fridge until ready to put in burger mix). While onions are cooking get the rest of your prep done! Crack the eggs into a big mixing bowl and whisk a little with a fork. Add meat and sprinkle the seasonings on top (salt, pepper, curry powder) and set aside until onions are ready.

the onions make all the difference..

Wash and dry lettuce, slice cheese, slice avocado, slice tomatoes. When onions are ready tip them into the meat and seasoning mixture. This is the fun part: mix everything together throughly with your hands until everything is evenly distributed. Form into big patties. If you need some guidance tip the mixture onto a big surface and roll into a rough sausage shape and measure for six burgers. My burgers were about 4 1/2″ in diameter, but you can always make them fatter or measure for 8 burgers?

Keep an eye on your burgers while they are cooking!

Drizzle each burger with some olive oil. Cook on the grill to your preference. We (to the disgust of real burger lovers) like our burgers on the not so pink side so I cooked them for about 4 minutes per side, give or take. Warm buns or bread on grill and then build your burger with whatever toppings you like!

I had my burger like this - I didn't want the bun so I made a sort of burger salad - a great way to eat lighter!

Alternatively you could do this: if you don’t have a grill or don’t want to grill, just simple fry the burgers on a pan on medium heat. The oil you rub on the burger before cooking is all you need – no need to put oil in the pan. The buns can be warmed on the pan or in the oven or toaster.

"have a nice day!"

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