Maldon salt (pantry)

This is one of my most favorite pantry staples. I have to admit that I love salt and am always amazed at how it can pull flavors from even the lowliest dishes!

Maldon salt

It is made in England where they have been harvesting sea water from local reed beds, racking through the reeds for these pure, untouched salt flakes since 1882. They impart an explosion of taste to anything they touch. It is great for seasoning meats or simply finishing off a stew, or even crumbled modestly on a poached egg on toast. It can be found in very well-stocked supermarkets and in on-line stores. Give it a try if you want to experience what salt can really do.

8 responses to “Maldon salt (pantry)

  1. I agree…. I use it all the time…. Salt of the earth!

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