Warm Chocolate Raspberry Cakes (serves 4-6)

a bite of deliciousness..

This is my whole family’s dessert of choice by far! I adapted it from a Nigella Lawson recipe.  In some cases I know it is essential to use the proper ratios of  ingredients (especially when it comes to baking) but in general I’m not one for  following instructions verbatim. It’s not because I think I can do a better job but mostly because I follow my inclinations to do things a certain way and I go with what is available to me without having to run to the shop.  I have been making food in my kitchen for a number of years (too many to count!) and have learned a great deal about what will work and what won’t. I don’t need to consult a book to know if it is OK to substitute rosemary for sage in a lamb dish or add more water, or add a 1/2 cup of wine if I feel like it or use bittersweet chocolate instead of unsweetened chocolate and sugar…….Generally speaking things don’t go badly and at this point I feel pretty confident about winging most everything! That’s not to say that I don’t read cookbooks voraciously and have tons of magazines on the same subject. I read cookbooks like novels – cover to cover! I love the ones with lots of writing and truly admire people like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (a mouthful, I know) who raise and kill their own animals. Also, it’s not like these people don’t do what I do….sit in bed reading cookbooks, trying recipes and tweaking them and hey presto – it becomes part of their repertoire! All this rambling leads me to this recipe which I tweaked to suit myself.

The dessert would taste good just like this also!


Preheat oven 400*

You will need: 1 stick butter (40z), 4 oz chocolate (i use 60 or 70% ), 1/2 cup fine sugar, 3 tb unbleached all-purpose flour, 3/4 cup 60% chocolate chips (I use Ghiradelli), 2 eggs,  20 or more raspberries (1/2 dry pint).

Melt butter with the 4 oz of chocolate on pan until melted. Take off heat and set aside.

melt chocolate and butter on low heat..

In a big bowl crack in eggs and add sugar. Beat well with a whisk (I use a manual whisk and it works fine – I hate taking out equipment for little jobs like this).

whisk eggs, sugar & flour in a bowl, then add chocolate and butter..

Add flour and whisk into sugar and egg mixture. Scrape the melted chocolate and butter into the bowl with a spatula and whisk into bowl. Add the chocolate chips and mix in with a wooden spoon or spatula (the whisk is a bad choice for this as the chips get caught in the wires!).

my nine-year-old daughter made this entire dessert solo..

The amount of dishes you use depends on how many people you have to serve. I try to stretch this batch to feed six. It’s not the kind of thing you need a lot of to get your fix. Put little ramekins or small oven proof bowls on a cookie sheet or baking tray and butter each one (I do this with my fingers with soft butter). Add about 1/2 of the mixture to each dish. Add 3 to 4 raspberries and cover with the rest of the chocolate mixture.

nothing wrong with a little mess..

It doesn’t matter if they are not completely covered.  Clean off sides of dish if it is messy ( I never do, adds to the charm) and bake in oven for about 16 to 17 minutes. If you divide this between 4 dishes increase cooking time by about 2 minutes. I like it to look slightly gooey in the center.

leave to cool a little..

Leave them to cool on a wire rack and serve while still warm. I put them into the oven right when dinner is served as it takes them about 45 minutes to get to the right temperature.

twist my arm!

2 responses to “Warm Chocolate Raspberry Cakes (serves 4-6)

  1. Tess,
    Hope you are doing well. It’s good to see that ooey gooey has finally made it onto the blog. All of your recipes look delicious, and Anna is presuring me to make some of them.
    Lots of love,
    Nora and Anna

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