Cup Cake finale (serves 0)

I thought this blog would be easy in some ways – just write what is cooked every night for dinner (mostly by me, but also by friends who drop by and dinners made for me and my family in other friends houses!). This was a way from me to finally document recipes and stress to whoever was listening that they could cook every night (or some nights) too, and be with their family and friends and have fun in the humblest way. ANYWAY – it is harder in that there is so much to write about – if I didn’t have a job and have to take care of my husband and children and cats, and clean my house and do the shopping and cook dinner most evenings….I would be writing all of the time. It would be a great obsession! More dishes are cooked some nights than I can write about. Like last night we had dinner at a friend’s house and he grilled rabbit and roasted sardines on a bed of dill! This will get written about, but for now, I have to post the finale to the night we had oysters and chicken parcels. My friend’s mother brought cupcakes and frosting for my children to decorate. It was not so much about the cupcakes since in fact they were from a mix and the frosting came in a tub! It was the lovely thought of having everyone together doing a little something in the kitchen after dinner. It started out innocently enough with my fairly competitive friend putting all his creative talents into making a great show of frosting his little cake. My daughter got into the spirit trying to outdo his masterpiece and before I knew it a cup cake decorating war had ensued! I think the pictures tell the story.

innocent beginnings..

getting a little crazy..

getting hot..

The "Death Star" (by me)..

Olive Satellite..

not edible - but pretty..


a fitting end for the little cake..

In some ways I felt bad that we destroyed the cupcakes instead of eating them. But, then I thought how the object of dessert is to have a treat after dinner that can be enjoyed by all. Thinking of it that way I realized that eating them would certainly not have giving the same amount of pleasure as we took in “deconstructing” them!

2 responses to “Cup Cake finale (serves 0)

  1. I always thought you guys were crazy, now I know for sure!
    Looks like great fun!
    Love ya,

  2. you would have loved it Sharon and possibly would have made the best cupcake!
    tess x

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