“dry-cooked” Shrimp with Numb Numb Spice! (serves 4 as appetizer)

I have never seen shrimp cooked this way. It was really interesting and the results were fantastic. It was supposed to be a topping for our pizza on Rustic Pizza Night but we ended up eating it before it got to the Pizza paddle.  So…I think it has now become an appetizer!

Numb Numb spice..

OK – so what is Numb Numb spice??? Very interesting question….. my friend did two things with this recipe. I have already said I have never seen shrimp cooked this way but I have also never heard of this spice. From what I can gather, he was in a restaurant in China (1 think??) and ordered lobster. He was so impressed with the flavor and, being a curios man asked the chef how it was prepared?

The chef told him he dry-cooked it on a pan with some seasoning and, when my friend got home he thought he could do the same with other shelled creatures!

Numb Numb Shrimp in lightening speed!

The spice he used last night is a spice that is used in the Sichuan province of China, and it numbs the inside of the mouth in preparation for hotter food to come later in the meal. Needless to say I was wary of a spice with the word numbing attached to it but I must say it had lovely heat and paired nicely with the sweet flavor of the shrimp.

You have to try this – you may not have Numb Numb spice but any spice will do (pepper flakes, cayenne powder or something else more easily procured!).


You will need: 1 lb shrimp, shell on (31-40 count per lb), deveined & cut lengthways in two with shell on,  1 1/2 tsp hot spice.

1 –  Put on a paper plate flesh side down and season shells with spice.

Put paper plate on top of shrimp while cooking..

2 – Put saute pan on  (9″) on high heat. When the dry pan is very hot,  put the shrimp on the  pan flesh side down. Cover completely with the paper plate.  After 1 1/2 minutes hold top of plate and flip pan so all the shrimp are transferred to the plate.

now flip and cook on other side for 1 1/2 minutes..

3 – Return pan to heat and Immediately transfer shrimp to pan, shell side down, and cover with a paper plate and let cook for another  1 1/2 minutes. Flip back onto plate, and you are done.

Let the shrimp sit for a minute before serving.  Eat right from shell. They are also great cold.

I couldn’t believe how great the meat tasted – intensely sweet and spicy. This might seem complicated but it couldn’t be easier. The whole thing takes about 7 minutes!

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