Lamb Stew

It was a freezing cold day so tonight’s dinner had to be primitive. It had to be something you would cook if your house was devoid of heat and your dinner was going to be the only thing to keep you warm in your bed at night. Our big blanket came this evening in the form of lamb. Nothing warms better than a steaming bowl of syrupy lamb stew. I know lots of people who cringe when I talk about lamb for dinner. They find it too intense a taste. For me it is a food that I grew up eating. It was a once a week offering and came in a big pot with lots of potatoes bobbing in the stew broth. I have been conditioned to believe that it is the medicine for cold nights (well that and a hot water bottle!) and my job is to pass that message onto my children.  It takes a bit of time to cook so get it into the oven as soon as you can.

You will need: 3 lbs lamb shoulder, 8 cloves garlic (separated but left in skins), 3 carrots, 3 parsnips, 2 celery stalks, 1 140z can whole peeled Roma tomatoes & juice, 1 onion, 1 cup red wine, 3 cups vegetable stock or chicken stock OR 3 cups water and 1 bouillon cube (chicken or vegetable), 1 tbs chopped fresh rosemary, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Prehead oven 325*

Dice onions, slice carrots, parsnips & celery. Chop rosemary. Set vegetables aside

season meat..

and get the big 12″ saute pan onto the stove on high heat. Season the lamb with salt and pepper. If you don’t buy the meat already cut into pieces you can do the

sear the meat

job yourself. Cut the meat into big chunks. If you do not have a big saute pan use your heavy casserole pot to do the job. When pan is hot add 3 tbs olive oil and sear meat in batches until it is well browned. Turn heat down and add onions &

onion, celery, carrot, parsnip - saute

celery and saute for about 3 minutes. Add carrots and parsnips and saute for a further 4 to 5 minutes.  Add rosemary, give it a minute before adding the red wine. Let it bubble for a minute or two and then add the tomatoes, garlic & stock or water and bouillon cube.  Let the liquid come to a boil at which time put the lamb back into the liquid. Taste the liquid and add more seasoning (salt  & pepper) if you think it needs it – this is purely a matter of taste.  Cook in oven for

Bring everything to a boil

2 hours. Take out and test meat. If it needs more liquid add a cup of water and stir in. If it is not completely tender put back in oven for

eat bread and butter to stave off hunger..

another 1/2 hour. Take it out and let it sit covered for 10 minutes.  Serve with some baby steamed potatoes (or rice) and some greens. Sometimes a big loaf of bread is all you may feel like……pretty easy dinner to put together.

et voila!

4 responses to “Lamb Stew

  1. The lamb stew looks delicious. We love lamb. As a matter of interest we are having lamb chops on the grill, by Barry tonite. I put on olive oil, black pepper, dijon mustard and rosemary and grill. they are delicious.
    Love you, Sharon

  2. You are a Lamb Sharon! Tess x

  3. I love lamb, but usually get the leg or the chops…. never have gotten the shoulder. So here is my lamb question. In your picture is that one lamb shoulder all chopped up, or multiple lamb shoulders??? Is a shoulder about 3 pounds??? Stew looks great, and I wish you would FEDEX me some.

  4. Actually it has some neck in it too! I recommend neck for giving great flavor and for people who like to gnaw and pick on bones. If you have a good supermarket you should be able to get chopped up shoulder. It might be sold as “stewing” lamb? I’m sure you know that the fattier bits of meat are better for long cooking. I suppose if you can find lamb butt, that would work very well too. You have some great cookbooks…. take a peak at a few to get the feel of what is generally used. Baaa!
    Tess x

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