Basmati Rice

When given the option I will choose a perfume-y Basmati Rice over brown rice the majority of the time. Aged White Basmati Rice is a staple in my kitchen. I also like some short grains types for sweeter dishes (Arborio for risotto or with honey and dried fruit?) or when I want a little stickiness. I hate buying those little bags at the supermarket as I run out too quickly, so, I keep a bigger sack-full on hand to eliminate at least one cooking frustration (nothing worse than having everything ready to go only to find you have to run out for something like soy sauce, onions, sugar or rice – which is why I buy Big when it comes to stuff like that).

my favorite

I have tried many varieties over the years and my favorite brand is Swad (Dehraduni Basmati Rice). Firstly, it has a wonderful taste and can go alongside most dishes in a pinch, and secondly there is a place close enough to me that keeps it well-stocked (also much more economical to buy in bulk). I am the proud owner of a rice cooker and when  I up to my eyes cooking and people are coming over….rice tossed into my trusty Rice Cooker is my easy solution for the dilemma of what carbohydrate to serve with the meal – easier than a potato gratin!

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