Traditional “Chips” or fries (serves 4)

I make fries in my oven and they taste just like they came from the late night Fish & Chip place on the corner. I serve them with oh so many things… but I love them with battered cod (which I made tonight). Follow these steps and you too will be known far and wide for the perfect fried potato.

not Fish & Chips without it!

You will need: 8 medium yellow or butter potatoes, coarse salt, black pepper, 5 tbs olive oil, big cookie sheet/shallow baking pan.

Preheat oven to 450*.

slice like so

Wash and dry potatoes and cut lengthways into thick slices (3/5″, 1cm) and put in large bowl. Add a good dash of salt & pepper and 3 tbs olive oil to bowl and mix well with hands until potatoes are well coated. When oven is hot take your big baking sheet and add 2 tbs oil to pan and place in lower 3rd of oven.

mix in bowl with oil, salt & pepper

Let pan warm for about 4 or so minutes. Take pan out (it will give off a bluish smoke, don’t be alarmed) and immediately pour potatoes onto pan (should sizzle). Arrange evenly in a single layer and place in oven for 16 minutes. Take out, let pan cool for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then turn fries with a spatula (or egg flip/turner?). They should release easily….if not, put back in oven for another 2 minutes and try again. Turn and place back in oven for a further 8 to 10 minutes (peak after 8). Take out, give them a minute to release themselves and serve.

fries with other good stuff.

Do whatever you do with fries…..ketchup, vinegar, salt, hot sauce, mustard. What to have with them…..I love them with fish or fried eggs. Once you get the hang of this method, you’ll never be satisfied with anything else!

4 responses to “Traditional “Chips” or fries (serves 4)

  1. These chips are to die for. Golden and crispy on the outside and creamy inside with a hint of chestnut.

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