Squid with Lemon (appetizer – serves 4)

So last night I made flour tortillas and then I didn’t feel like making the fajitas! Sometimes it’s just fun to potter in the kitchen and pick at lots of little things. The star of the evening was the squid. I have this theory that when people are clamoring for food, throw them a bit of fish and they leave you alone. Magically that small amount of food can satiate an appetite (is it the protein punch or the fact that it can be a bit of a challenge to eat and distracts the stomach for a bit??)  It is really fast to prepare  – I got this to mouths in about 7 minutes!

You will need: 3/4 lb Squid Tentacles, 1 lemon (quartered), 1 or 2 tbs olive oil, coarse salt.

I used only the tentacles for this. It’s more interesting looking for one (the stranger looking the better as far as my son is concerned. If it were up to him the shopping basket at the supermarket would be full of all sorts of strange fish and things like cows tongue – I have pigs feet in the fridge at the moment! I flung them into the basket at his suggestion and now, there they are, waiting for some sort of miracle to make them look more attractive) and I like the flavor. Put flour on a dinner plate and get your frying pan and put on med/high heat and let it get hot. Add oil (just enough to coat the bottom of you pan). Let it get hot and then pick up a tentacle and barely dust a little flour on it and put on pan. Do this until you a have a single layer (do not crowd pan please!). Give it about 2 minutes and flip to a different side. It will sort of curl up a bit.

lemony sweetness!

The color of the squid changes to white and a sort of lilac color. This takes about 5 minutes (but watch in case it’s a little less). Take off pan and onto a warm plate (I love a warm plate!) and squeeze with lemon juice and toss a little salt on top. Keep the pan going until the squid is gone (you may need to add a little more oil as you go) The fun is in the cooking and eating at the same time. Everyone is around the pan waiting to grab at the first opportunity – family entertainment at its best!

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