Sriracha – king of hot!

I know that this plastic bottle sporting a big rooster full of pulverized chili and garlic has become the new trendy condiment to have on the table, BUT, all the hype is spot on!

pass the cock sauce please!

Yes, it has some heat to it but it is pleasant and is rounded out nicely by the garlic flavor. I suggest you try it on absolutely anything and see what you think. I love to mix it in with a brothy soup that contain things like ginger and garlic. Great on eggs, rice dishes, noodles, fish. It lasts forever in the fridge and is really inexpensive. You can buy something similar in a jar but it contains whole chili seeds (which I’m addicted to also) Out you go and buy some today – it will warm the cockles of your heart!

Cockle warmer!

11 responses to “Sriracha – king of hot!

  1. Hey Tess,

    Take it easy with the “cock” sauce. When I went to visit Shawn once I put some on his sandwich, WOW, MOM this is much too hot!!!!!
    What do I know?

  2. Mix some of the jarrred Sriracha with honey, refrigerate and spread toast with this and taleggo cheese for a great snack or appetizer

  3. This is one of the most important things I keep in my fridge – nothing like a drop of the “Rooster” in most things. Critical for my home-made Pho Ha and Hot & Sour soups

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