Had to start with this recipe. It takes about 10 minutes or less to get exactly nine scones in the oven. I do this about twice a week, so we can have a scone every morning if we like. So much better than some instant breakfast cake or tart thingy!

Preheat 400*

Put 2 cups of flour (I use King Arthur’s unbleached, all-purpose) in a biggish bowl and add 1 tsp baking soda (Rumford is my brand of choice), 1 tsp salt (I don’t recommend table salt, I use Course Kosher Salt), 2 tbs sugar. Next take your egg whisk and mix everything together quickly (to incorporate air for fluffier scones!). Slice 4 tbs of cold unsalted butter into the flour and knead with fingertips until the flour mixture looks like fine breadcrumbs. Make a little well in the center of your flour and add about 1 cup of buttermilk (It has a long fridge-life so it never seems to go to waste in my house). Mix in the buttermilk with a wooden spoon. If it is dry and there is some loose flour in the bowl, add more buttermilk until you have one solid ball of dough. This shouldn’t take longer than a minute. Sprinkle some flour onto your counter or board and turn out dough. Give it a very quick kneading (30 seconds) and pat down until the dough is about an inch or so thick. Using a round cutter (mine is 2″ in diameter with a wavy edge) press out scones (pat out again as needed until all the dough is used up) and place on floured cookie sheet. Add a little buttermilk to the dough bowl and brush the tops of the scones with the buttermilk (if you forget to do this, don’t worry. It just gives them a little extra shine). At this point you can also sprinkle some raw sugar on top  (I do sometimes, but generally not) Place in center of preheated oven for 17 minutes. OK – so I have worked out that it takes exactly 17 minutes for the scones to bake in my oven. I like the scones to be nicely golden brown as then there is a nice crunch to the outside with a contrasting fluffiness on the inside. Your oven may be a little different so maybe start off timing for 16 minutes, doing a quick check to see the appearance and go from there. After a couple of tries you should get it down. Place on wire rack and are ready to be devoured after about 1 minute (if you can wait that long) *I reheat in the oven or split and warm in toaster the next day.

Yummy with butter and jam/jelly OR a slice or two of warm bacon!


4 responses to “Scones

  1. Noodle soup prepared in my new kitchen-ware…..Thanks Chef !

  2. Wow…. What detail. I love your chicken noodle soup and now I have the recipe, Thanks! Keep up the blog, but what happens on the night you order pizza?

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